Day One

December 21, 2006

Hi!  Where to start?  My head is spinning already.  Today was wonderful, but I guess I better start with yesterday.
 Dad took us to the airport Monday, and we ended up arriving with plenty of time to spare.  Two whole hours, in fact.  The first flight to Detroit was snappy, and finally we were on our flight into London Gatwick.  The flight was fine, but neither of us got much sleep.  I dozed for about a half hour, and Drew was out for around an hour.
 We arrived into (what else?) thick fog, and due to the weather, we all ended up sitting in our plane for about an hour after we landed as we weren’t able to get into a gate.  Saw a newspaper today, apparently the fog this morning was a nightmare at Heathrow as well.  Such as life in England.
 After going through customs, we got our bags (all intact! phew), then waited for our train, which was a half hour late.  From there, we had to drag our bags all through the Underground which was so exhausting.  In addition to our things, we had to take over a ton of Christmas presents and also gifts for Mark and Sara’s baby.  Dragging all our heavy bulky things on the Tube and up and down stairs and escalators was awful.  We woke up quite sore this morning!
 Though we barely got any rest, Drew and I were determined to power through our day to make the transition to England time more bearable in the long run.  We got lunch, then went out to buy three day Tube passes and we hit up some stores on Oxford Street.
 Last night for dinner, we went to the Windsor Castle pub where we encountered an interesting group of locals.  While eating our fish, chips and peas, we were entertained by Frank (who was completely sauced) and Mick.  We all talked for a few hours, and by the time we left, both Frank and Mick were pressuring me to marry Drew.  It was almost like having dinner with family, though usually my family doesn’t mention marriage, they simply go on about grandchildren.  So yes, interesting evening and though we were completely knackered (when in Rome, right?), we managed to stay up until 11 p.m…

Since time is limited right now with the internet at our B & B, I won’t be posting photos today.  I uploaded a few from our first day…just click the Flickr link there on your right to see them.



  1. Saw a newspaper today, apparently the fog this morning was a nightmare at Heathrow as well.
    I read the news today oboy…. Just made me think of that.

    Glad you made it ok. Fish ,Chips and Peas?

  2. I read tonight that Heathrow is completely fogged in, and a I heaved a sigh of relief on your behalf.

    Love the pics of Frank and Mick! I grinned my face off the whole time I was looking at your photos.

    Got email from Sal today, bragging that you two got together. The envy, it hurts inside my chest.

  3. So glad to hear you’re not in that mess at Heathrow!

    The pictures are great, I love Frank and Mick! The London equivalent of Norm and Cliff? 😉

    Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. It’s Dec 23 already for you, which mean you get to see Morrissey today. I simply could NOT be anymore jealous.

    Glad you missed the foggy mess!!!

  5. Hi,

    Don’t know if I am doing this right but I had wrote before. Sounds like you are having a great time. Sorry about your dog. The picture looks like Caren’s dog. We had a great Christmas. We got a little snow yesterday and it is cold. Take care of yourself. Love Aunt Carole

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