Day Two

December 23, 2006

Time to backtrack a bit. It’s hard to believe that it is Saturday already!

Our second day in London was wonderful, and we covered so much ground. Wednesday was quite chilly, but the morning fog gradually gave way to sunshine. Our plan of the day was to head down to St. Paul’s Cathedral to walk around a bit, then take the Millennium Bridge across the Thames to the Tate Modern.

After investigating the Tate for a bit, we decided to take a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which was really interesting, but naturally cold as the theatre is outside. We picked up some souvenirs afterward in the shop, then headed down along the South Bank of the river towards Waterloo Station, where we would take the tube to Westminster. Drew and I decided to stop for lunch and found a great hole-in-the-wall peking/cantonese restaurant tucked away in an alley. It was nice to relax, talk and warm up a bit before heading further down the river.

I took these photos on our way to Waterloo Station after lunch:

We finally reached Waterloo Station, which was massive and incredibly busy and hopped the Tube to Westminster. We walked around and took photos of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, even though we’ve both seen the landmarks before. For me, it’s like I wasn’t really in London until Big Ben was right in my face, and when you’re staring up at it, it’s really quite thrilling:

Wandering around Westminster at dusk was gorgeous and so fun. After taking many photos, we stopped at the Churchill Museum at the Cabinet War Rooms, which was really interesting. Though we had a street map (thank you John and Jonie!), we had a bit of a rough time finding the place and when we arrived, it was closing in less than two hours. The guard gave us a hard time and was a bit of a prat and told us that we couldn’t get through in under two hours, but we grabbed our audio guides and rushed through with plenty of time to spare.

Afterwards, Drew and I went to the Blackfriars pub, which is a favorite of mine. It was packed to the gills, but a group left and we were able to sit and relax for a few. I also wanted to check out Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, which was in the area, so we headed off in that direction for a good 10 minute walk. The pub was packed, so we just wandered around upstairs and had a good look about and left.

On the way back, we ducked into an Indian restaurant off of Oxford Street, about a 15 minute walk from our B&B. It was great, but being off Oxford Street, we should have known better as it was insanely expensive. At the time, I decided not to care because it was cold and we were tired and hungry. Dinner was delicious, but cost us over $70 (after converting the pounds to U.S. dollars). Ouch! And we didn’t even get naan with that, because an order of naan would have set us over $80. Can you hear my bank account screaming? Uncle Tim and Aunt Carol, I thought of you that night! Thanks for helping to fund our Indian dinner.

So, it was a long day but it was such a good one. I really had a blast and got to wander all over the city. My muscles were sore and my feet have a few blisters, but it was so worth it. London is one hell of a workout!

A few more photos from the day (check out some more on my Flickr link)

I will be uploading even more photos on my site after we get back home. But for now, I can only do so much. I’ve already taken well over a hundred photos, but they will all be up eventually. For now, just my favorites will be on the site.



  1. We are so sorry to hear of the loss of a great companion and friend.
    May her antics, and canine affections fill your hearts and your memories with gladness.
    How great it is that you were able to use our gift of Indian food…..WE LOVE INDIAN FOOD !!!
    Aunt Carol

  2. Drew,

    Sorry about the loss of your faithful companion.

    Butch and KC

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