Day Four – Last Day In London

December 27, 2006

Friday was a hard day. Drew and I were both tired and really depressed over Nesta. We were going to plan an agenda the night before, but it never happened so we just decided to wing it.

Since Wednesday was such a full day, we didn’t spend as much time at the Tate Modern as we had wished. Also, Drew had wanted to take a trip down one of the “Super-Happy Fun Slides” as he called them. Trips down the slides required a (free) ticket, but they were timed. Last time we were there, we would have had to wait over two hours, and due to our itinerary, it would have been impossible. So Drew was going to finally get his turn Friday.

We checked out of the B&B around eleven, then headed to our tube station to make the trip to Euston Station where at 6:35 p.m. we would leave via train to Mark and Sara’s in Stockport, which is just south of Manchester. Unfortunately, there was an accident on our tube’s line, a collision of some sort (thank god we weren’t involved) so we had to take a bus to the station instead.

Once there, we dropped off our bags, then took the tube to the London Bridge station. From there, we wandered around a bit before arriving at the Tate. Drew got his ticket (I’m a chicken and prefer to watch – they were huge slides), and we had almost two hours to kill. First we browsed the gift shops, then we sat outside on a bench overlooking the Thames. We watched the water and the bustling crowds around us. With an hour to spare, we headed back into the museum to check out the rest of the exhibits that we had missed the other day. Our heads really weren’t into interpreting the art, so we breezed through it all. Drew got to his slide at 3:30, and finally got his ride. I didn’t catch a photo of him, since he was a few floors above me, but did get a photo of a little girl coming out of one of the slides:

Before going back to Euston Station, we got dinner at a greek restaurant, which was disappointing. Our “starter” was good, but the lamb in our main course was tough and almost inedible. Boo. At the station, I got us some fresh cookies to make up for dinner, then we boarded our train. The station was crazy, but our train was a back-up train to Manchester (to handle the large demand of passengers), and luckily our car was half-empty and very quiet.

Exactly two hours later, we arrived in Stockport. Mark and Collin, Drew’s father, picked us up from the station. We met up with Sara at home and they all had cards for Drew in memory of Nesta, along with a cute fuzzy stuffed dog that looks a bit like her. Very sweet of them. We spent the evening catching up and marvelling at Sara’s big belly. None of us had seen any photos of her since she’s been pregnant, but apparently she hadn’t started to really show until recently. Drew was already excited about being an uncle, but finally seeing his sister made it a bit more real, and he’s been gushing all over her and the bump ever since.



  1. Refresh my memory – when’s Sara due? For some reason I was thinking her date was close to Sal’s.

    Those slides look killer!

  2. I’m sorry about Nesta. Love the pictures.

  3. Robin – Sara is due January 20.

  4. I’ve never had a good meal at a Greek Restaurant.
    Stick with Indian. The Greeks don’t want no Freaks.

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