Day Five – Morrissey In Manchester

December 28, 2006

*geek warning* Most of you will probably have no idea who I will be gushing about in this post. Just ignore my ramblings if you wish (wink, wink).

Saturday was a relaxing day, which was desperately needed. I hadn’t been sleeping well two weeks prior to our trip, then proceeded to run myself ragged in London. I slept in until 10:30 and spent a good portion of the day uploading photos and finally updating this blog. Drew did some shopping with Mark, while Sara rested up before a holiday open house they were having from 5-9 p.m.

Drew and I left for Manchester by train after 5. After a 15 minute ride, we took a tram (similar to the “L” in Chicago) to the G-Mex Centre, a huge venue which used to be the central railway station in Manchester. We got there quite early, and the opening act came on almost an hour late. I was feeling a bit impatient by that point, she was alright, but I think everyone was in the same mindset as myself. Everyone was chattering by the end of her set and she stormed off after her last song, thanking “those of you who listened.” Hurrah! Soon Morrissey would be on.

I had been keeping tabs on Morrissey’s current setlists, and this show followed them without any surprises. It was still a great show though. He opened with “Panic“, a Smiths favorite, which was glorious and left me grinning like a loon. He played four more Smiths songs that night: “William, It Was Really Nothing”, “Girlfriend in a Coma”, “How Soon is Now?”, and “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”. I loved how self-deprecating he was in regards to the Smiths material. Before performing “How Soon Is Now?”, he told the crowd, “I think this was the one you all came to hear.” Not quite for me, not my favorite Smiths tune by far, but it is a classic of that musical era.

You know what’s almost better than seeing Morrissey? Watching all the cute British boys who are far more stylish than myself (better hair and shoes), singing their hearts out while Morrissey performs. American men…well, they just aren’t that liberated. But I digress…

Moz was great and spoke to the crowd a lot during the show, often launching into politcal attacks. Being a massive U2 fan, I am used to that sort of thing during a show. He also went on about people such as Jamie Oliver who are ruining Britain. After the second song, Morrissey ripped off his shirt and bounded around the stage, which was really funny. He used to be such a twig in his younger days, and now he’s got a slight paunch which heightened the comedic effect of it all. He did this four more times throughout the evening, changing into a new shirt each time.

Drew and I spent most of the evening in the middle of the crowd to avoid the annoying folk who push and shove to get to the front. The venue was huge though, and the three large video screens helped us get a better view. We didn’t have any problems with the crowd. Some people became a bit chatty during the show, but I’ve experienced much worse at a concert.

All in all, fabulous show. Enthusiastic crowd and Morrissey sounded great as well. So glad I got to go! Seeing him in his hometown was just too, too cool. The setlist can be found here (it was being all wonky when I tried to cut and paste it).

We made it home by 11:30, and the party was still hopping. I got to meet some of Mark and Sara’s friends and got into some discussions of the Madchester music scene. It was nice meeting and chatting with them, but thankfully they were all gone by 12:30 so we could crash. I’m turning into an old lady already!


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  1. jamie oliver is not only ruining britain – he’s taking the entire food network down with him!! pansy!!

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