Day Eight – Boxing Day

January 18, 2007

I’m slowly catching up! The past few days have been hectic as I am in a frenzy in regards to grad school. I found out that the program I want to get into begins in May and everything needs to be turned in by Feb. 14! Time to write some killer essays…but back to England.

Boxing Day was another nice, relaxing day with family. We had no major plans, so again, Drew and I were able to sleep in a bit and take things easy. Collin came over in the morning, and by afternoon it was time for all of us to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.

Mark and Sara took us to Bramall Hall, where we strolled the grounds and took photos. There were lots of other families out and about, many with their dogs who enjoyed playing fetch and splashing in the water there. Mark grabbed us all some sticks and we played Poohsticks. If my memory serves me right, he won and I was last! Here are some photos of our outing:

Mark’s brother Paul and his fiancee Sarah (a.k.a. Paul’s Sarah, while “our” Sara is referred to as Mark’s Sara) came over to exchange gifts and visit as they couldn’t make it over on Christmas. They brought Drew and I more wonderful Thornton’s chocolates! So good. What I wouldn’t give for one of their cappucino chocolates right now…

Later Sara put our Christmas leftovers to good use with coronation turkey for good sandwiches. Mmm…curry.


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