Day Thirteen: New Year’s Eve

February 20, 2007

The previous evening was our last with Collin. The five of us gathered briefly at a local pub for a farewell pint after Drew and I returned from Macclesfield (I believe Sara toasted with a soda). Our morning was relaxed: Sara napped and Drew worked on uploading his photos and blogging.

Mark and I took off to look for a new pair of shoes for me, since I was having issues with my feet. I had only brought two pairs of shoes with me, and one of them gave me problems after a few hours of city walking. We didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon, so Mark volunteered to take me shopping. We ventured into numerous shops, but I could not find a thing. At the last shop we were at, I finally found something reasonably priced that felt and looked nice. However, in the box were two different sized shoes and no one in the store could find another U.K. women’s size eight of this particular shoe (I think I needed a left one). Such is my luck. Since it was New Year’s Eve, all the shops were closing early so I decided to throw in the towel. I had one more week to go in the U.K., and if I had to stick to the one pair of shoes that didn’t rip up my feet after hours of walking, then so be it. After admitting defeat, we decided to drown our sorrows at Caffè Nero. I had a caramel latte the size of my head, and Mark and I split a piece of cake and a bag of crisps (lunch of champions!).

Back at home, I decided to make some phone calls to Mom and Dad, to wish them a happy new year. I also called a few friends and left some messages. By the time I called Robin, I was in full caffiene-sugar overload. It was time for some real food before I rocketed through the roof and into space.

Sara made us coronation turkey again, so we had dinner before our guests arrived. The first over were two neighbors with their son Josh (I can’t remember their names for the life of me). Josh was decked out in his Spider-Man robe and pajamas, which he got for Christmas. Drew got brought out our glowsticks from Poundland, which were a big hit:

Of course we had to turn out the lights for the proper effect:

Mark and Sara’s closest neighbors, Vicki and Andy, were over a bit later with their son Thomas. It was a quiet, but fun evening. We watched the Brit New Year’s Eve shows, and I watched Paul Weller perform on one of them. I called my brother Shane a few minutes before midnight, so he could hear us ring in the new year. Mark and Sara called Drew and I the year before, and it was cool to hear them welcome the new year when it was only 7 p.m. back in the States. We had a champagne toast, then shortly called it a night. I fear that I am getting boring in my old age…

A few more photos:


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