Day Fourteen

February 25, 2007

All is quiet on New Year’s Day…all is quiet here, too. Has my tardiness driven you all away? I miss hearing from everyone, but I will continue on.

New Year’s Day at Mark and Sara’s was indeed quiet. It was raining yet again, no big surprise there. In London we had some sunshine here and there amongst the fog, but as soon as we headed north, the weather was crap almost everyday. This is England, right? Drew and I awoke to tea and bacon butties (I take mine with brown sauce….mmm). Since the next five days would be hectic (a day trip to Liverpool plus four days in Edinburgh), we relaxed and didn’t do too much.

However, in the evening we finally went to the Curry Mile in Rusholme, Manchester. Mark regaled me with tales of the Curry Mile when I saw him last in April, and when Drew and I were planning this trip we knew we would have to spend an evening there! What could be better for the curry obsessed than a stretch of over 70 Asian restaraunts and kebab houses, plus markets and sweet shops? Plus the most gaudy jewelry you could ever hope to see:

Ick! But never mind that. When we all got out of the car, the smell was incredible. Reminiscent of my first whiff of barbecue at Rendezvous in Memphis, but much more complex and wonderful. The neon signs were blazing in the dark, and there was so much to look at that we didn’t know which way to go first. So we set off aimlessly, letting our noses guide us.

Outside of most restaraunts were men beckoning us to eat at their establishments. If Drew and I were alone, we would have had no idea of which place to try out, but luckily Mark and Sara were seasoned veterans and knew of the best places to eat at. But first we stopped at a market so Drew could pick up spices and such so we could try our hand at making Indian concoctions at home. Mark followed Drew, who was running around like the proverbial kid in the candy store, while Sara and I sat back and laughed at his enthusiasm. He was so excited at what he found, and it was too cute. Since such spices and things aren’t as abundant here in Ohio, he decided to take advantage of all that was available in Rusholme.

Afterward, we hit up one of Mark and Sara’s favorite restaraunts in the area. Drew and I treated them to dinner, to offer a gesture of thanks for all the generosity they showed us throughout our trip. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the opportunity to spend three weeks in the U.K.! We all had a great time sampling everyone’s dishes, and ate like kings. We strolled around a bit more afterward to walk some of it off. Unfortunately we were too full to partake in the goods at the sweet shop:

A few more photos from the evening:


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